Your Content Will Help You Increase Search Traffic To Your Site, Improve Email Signups, Get More Leads And Acquire More Clients

email signups search traffic

This blog covers Step 1 Attracting Your Ideal Client and is part 6 in a series of 8

If you’ve been struggling to increase search traffic to your site, improve email signups, get more leads and acquire more clients, it’s possible your site does not rank well in terms of SEO.

Visitors who visit your homepage, product or service pages and blog pages are not able to find you or they bounce off before they even give you a chance to convert them.

When you begin to see a high bounce rate on your pages, it’s a signal that your site and content needs a serious restructure. You’re either not attracting your ideal client or you don’t have a page structure that provides a good user experience.

Overall, the goal when delivering your content is not just to deliver content your individual ideal clients will be merely “interested in”— but to deliver the exact content that will get them to take further steps in their own buyer’s journey.


Your Google analytics will highlight your bounce rate on particular pages and show you the percentage of users who land on your pages and how fast they exit, without any clicks to other pages on your site.

A high bounce could mean you don’t have an enticing content or a well-organised page structure.  You might even be creating a confusing tone or message.

Your content needs to be easily readable and legible. Your content needs to be in small easy to consume bite size chunks so you don’t scare your ideal clients away. A thoughtful user journey that appeals and flows throughout the page.

email signups search traffic

Our templates make sure your SEO structure is correct. They make sure you use subheadings to throw more light on your product or service features. They use bullet points to explain benefits and plenty of images and quotes from industry experts, where appropriate.

They make it easy to bold your keywords in such a way that your ideal clients feel as if they are finding exactly what they have searched for.

They make you ask a lot of questions in your content, to give your ideal clients the opportunity to participate, instead of just reading.

Then they make sure you end your content with a subheading entitled “conclusion.” This tells your ideal clients to quickly read the last few words and follow your call to action.

Sprout Social, a social media management software business, understands that giving users a free trial period and educating them along the way is a surefire way to convert more users into customers.

This is why we use 5 x lead magnets to get buy-in without asking for any money commitment from a potential ideal client. This really helps you to build trust and relationships whilst achieving a lower bounce rate.

Now, Google considers the context of a given page within the entire site. In a sense, Google now assesses the holistic value of a web page and website from the perspective of the individual searcher.


The right optimised structure means your ideal clients will consume your content, spend longer on your site and reduce bounce rates. Google algorithms will start ranking your website higher so you can start converting more traffic into ideal clients.

Every second spent on your site, due to your SEO structured pages, your blogs and your eBook, will improve your conversion rate and lower your bounce rate. We start out with your ‘SEO content creation MAP’ so that you create a logical journey that takes your ideal clients from point A (problem) to Point B (solution). This journey creates a series of three chapters within your eBook that mimic the structure of storytelling. And it’s this kind of storytelling journey that helps to captivate the minds of your ideal clients because we are all wired to remember and respond to a good story.

A journey from a social post to a blog and then to a quiz or an eBook can bring your brand to life. You’ve got to recognise how people read content. They’re mostly scanning a page, looking for something that stands out. It could be a subheading, a word, a term or an image. Storytelling can connect those eye-catching elements with the rest of your content. 

This journey brings clarity to your content and helps your content appeal to your ideal clients in a dynamic, emotional way. As a result, they’ll begin to trust you and see you as an authority within your field of expertise. This builds a loyal audience that will read your content, respond to your offers and buy your products or services.

email signups search traffic

When it comes to your product or service pages you need to make sure your content is directly related to the solution your ideal clients are searching for. This will always yield the best ROI.

It’s important to note that we make your blog template connect to your product or service templates and your eBook lead magnet opt-in template. According to HubSpot, businesses that update their blogs with fresh content regularly will generate more leads than those who don’t. Which means as you consistently deliver the blog content we create for you and you start to attract more traffic, that traffic will be directed to either download your free eBook or click over to your product or service pages.

It is important to offer a content journey and a fast path to a solution for those ideal clients who are ready to take action immediately.

When an ideal client is attracted to your social media posts, they will click and land on your blogs. From there they will either go and have a look at your homepage, click directly over to your ebook lead magnet or click over to your product or service pages. All of these different options will lead them to purchase your solution. We make sure your content provides the education they seek, but at the same time, we make sure it gives them the opportunity to purchase from you and achieve results.

2020 will be all about building topical authority. This is done by creating long-form pillar pages that act as a foundation for your content marketing initiatives — and subsequently building off of this foundation as time goes on. This is what we do for you with your 22 x cotent assets.

One of the most popular solutions we offer our clients is our EXPANDING level. This is where we do the SEO work with you. We have created ‘3 x Membership Levels’ that contain your walkthrough tutorial videos.

Each module has its own ‘Live Webinar Workshops’ with ‘Hot Seat’ sections where we take a member and go through their content live on the call. 

On these live calls, we also go through the ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ and the ‘SEO Content Creation Questionnaire’ until all of your questions have been answered.

This is a great way for all members to learn faster and have all questions answered.

Then you hand back your completed answers to our ‘Done For You Content Creation Framework’ team and we create all of your content which is contained within your ‘Master Content SEO Document’. 

Then you use the ‘Web Page SEO Templates’ to create your Home Page, Opt-In Page – Delivery Page and Blog pages.

And we show you how to copy and paste all of your new content into the templates and you are ready for launch.

You will have a fully SEO structured website with enough content to last a year.

That is how you will be able to create a consistent and predictable flow of new highly qualified ideal clients who can be converted into ideal buying clients.

You will find more detail about each of the 3 membership levels at the end of the guide.

We create a full-funnel strategy for every topical area, that generates categorical dominance, thus helping you to build trust and authority on a specific subject which positively impacts rankings and delivers content that is in context to the solution your ideal client is searching for. Download your free eBook:.

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