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I believe no matter where you come from or your circumstances, everyone wants freedom, freedom to be their own boss to earn money to suit their desired life style. I am the sort of person that hates the thought that I have a ceiling of what I can do or what I can achieve. I am restless, I want everything for my wife and family, I want the security of financial freedom, the goals always move and I want to spend longer at my home in Spain, push my business to its limit.
I have over 24 years of sales experience across multiple industries including consulting, technology and semiconductor manufacturing. I started the Growth Funnel Journey in 2014 and have helped my clients launch sales and marketing systems with less frustration or tech overwhelm...
I wanted you to understand that businesses are versatile, flexible, can adapt to what you want from them, you can grow with it, you can make it what you want. You have to take risks, never sit still, push forward, think things through, write your pros and cons, follow your instincts.
I have learnt so much in these 25 years through trial and error that I wanted to share my knowledge with others with ambition. My courses are designed to save you a lot of time, money and problem solving.
After spending tons of time and money on courses, events, seminars, books and everything in between, only to find myself more frustrated and overwhelmed by all the noise, and weird "guru tricks" (fake scarcity, high pressure launches and crazy-expensive over-hyped products), I decided to build and release world-class sales and marketing systems at a price virtually anyone with the desire to succeed can afford... Our team would be honoured to have you as a valued client and member of the team...

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Christian Fumic



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We Hire Freelancers through Upwork – So you save money

Christian Fumic

I watch everyone sell courses that are only once piece of the puzzle. Business owners need to understand that worst work. I see coaches teach processes and systems to reach 6 figures but without content that wont work as well. Before you follow any Guru or try a new shiny object that sounds like its going to save your business - STOP. Create your content first and get it out there. It's time to go back to basics and start again...without any BS...


Guess What? You are the only person who should ever create your content. Don't pass the most important part of your business to a third party. Take control, make it your own and get all of that knowledge and experience that is within your brain and dump it all out onto digital format. Then I will create 22 x content assets out of it and get it out to the world. That's right - As always - it all relies on YOU!

Hire Freelancers and SAVE MONEY

Integrates Perfectly Into Your Existing Team Scale your needs up and down. Give us the busy work that costs your team’s time. No need to worry about hiring, training and managing additional people. Get started right away with our team of Upwork specialists. Our remote workforce is made up of vetted college educated staff with deep experience in admin, sales and recruitment best practices. We’re driven by the highest quality standards and will respond within minutes, 24/7.


Our vision at Fresnel Evergreenr is to educate, inspire, empower and support business owners of all ages to succeed in this $9Billion industry.

Because when use our business assets, you can make money. They have been developed to fast track your learning experience, so that you can SELL and use your profit to develop your own business until you are ready to do it all on your own. That’s why we LOVE doing this work!