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Prospectus Guide

Make sure to downloaded our free prospectus eBook. It covered everything you need to know to generate a successful clothing printing business. Click the button to discover what we have created to help you get started.


Making a Profit in The T-Shirt Industry’ Course

I created this course to help fast track your learning experience. It follows on from the Prospectus Guide and goes into more detail on everything you need to know. This course includes a 50% discount voucher as a think you for joining our community.


Live Webinars – Coming Soon

I created this course to help you start selling faster. I reveal all of the techniques my sales team uses. This will get you selling into local businesses. The more people you talk to - the more sales you will make…


3 Day Live Workshops – Coming Soon

I created this course to help you get designing better logos. You will also be able to expand your product range and sell embroidery or complex printing designs. You will easily understand the relationship between machinery and equipment. Allowing you to start the Hardware Course where I show you how to produce your own clothing and where to get your machinery.


Latest Blogs

We interview you and use your answers to create blogs, social media posts, press releases, YouTube videos, eBooks, webinars, workshops, email campaigns, online courses, advertising and a LinkedIn sales strategy. Saving you Time, Money and Effort.


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