The Holy Grail Of Creating a Multi-Content Marketing Strategy

Multi-Content Marketing Strategy

This blog covers Step 1 ‘Attracting Your Ideal Client’ and is part 1 in a series of 8.

Hello and welcome to the ultimate guide to multi-content driven marketing…

Making it easier to generate highly qualified sales leads that can be converted into ideal buying clients.

When it comes to creating consistent content, most business owners simply do not have the time. They can’t spend endless hours in front of a screen typing away. Even if they do create their own blogs and posts, they do not have the time to upload them. They typically miss out LinkedIn altogether. And give up trying to create hundreds of social posts. Let alone creating press releases, YouTube videos, emails, quizzes, eBook’s, webinars, workshops and 5 day challenges.

multi-content marketing

My name is Christian – I’m the owner of Fresnel Evergreen and creator of ‘The Growth Funnel Journey’. This is the fastest way to create 22 different content assets. Assets that are all in your own words and focused on attracting your ideal clients and converting them into sales.

It’s the perfect combination of SEO Marketing and Sales Content. All delivered across your Social Media Platforms, Combined with laser focused advertising and a LinkedIn Sales Strategy. A strategy that has never been seen before. All successful content strategies result from the right content assets. Assets that drive engagement, enhance reputation, increase the visibility of your business and generate consistent sales.

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Content is useless without SEO and SEO is pointless without Content. And they both need a LinkedIn sales strategy. They all need each other and they all need to work in perfect synchronicity. The challenge is – How can you achieve all three without it costing a fortune? How can you avoid it taking up all of your time and taking a huge amount of effort?

multi-content marketing

There’s never enough TIME when it comes to content production and distribution. You know creating content is the backbone of your inbound marketing approach, and brand reputation hinges on quality. How can you get the writing done consistently? Where do you find additional talent to assist with your content creation? And how in the world do you scale all this? to meet the growing and evolving needs of your customer base.

The answer is simple – you need to embrace a multi-content driven marketing strategy.

But before we start.

I’d like to ask you a few questions, just to make sure you’re in the right place!

Do you want this to be easy and fast by just dealing with one company who will create your; blogs, social media posts, quiz, emails, YouTube videos, press releases, eBook, webinar, workshops, online courses, advertising and LinkedIn sales strategy?

Do you want someone else to create the 22 x different multi-content assets; upload them all to your website and social media platforms; schedule everything and launch your multi-content driven marketing strategy for you?

Do you want someone else to run all of your advertising campaigns and apply a laser-focused LinkedIn sales strategy, that generates consistent and predictable sales?

If you do, then I would like the opportunity to share something very powerful with you. It will change everything. As it has for me and the business owners I mentor.

multi-content marketing

When it comes to creating consistent content for your business, I understand. You do not have the time to spend endless hours in front of a screen typing away.

Even if you do create your own blog posts, you shouldn’t waste time uploading them. Let alone creating hundreds of social posts, create a press release, create YouTube videos, emails, quizzes, eBooks, webinars and workshops.

Then using blogs and social posts to drive traffic into your lead magnets. Or starting to run multiple advertising campaigns. so you can generate consistent sales.

These 22 multi-content assets are compelling and useful to people interacting with your brand for the first time.

They help you to establish your business as a thought leader with authority in your niche.

Your content assets create a great first impression. They are very marketable assets that help you generate backlinks and shares. They help you show up when your ideal clients are searching for the solution to their problem.

FACT: You need these 22 X Multi-Content Assets to generate awareness and convert traffic into sales.

The Growth Funnel Journey

Unfortunately, if you are not prepared to create and use these 22 x content assets. You are wasting your valuable time, money and effort.

This blog series will explain exactly why you need these 22 x content assets. It will explain how we do it all for you so you can save your valuable time, money and effort.

We use our ‘SEO Content Creation MAP’ to plan out your ideal clients purchasing decision journey. We guarantee your content will convert. To do this we interview you with our ‘SEO Content Creation Questionnaire’. Then we use your answers to create 22 x content assets.

This means your personal knowledge and experience can be represented within your multi-content assets. Allowing you to create consistent content for your ideal clients to consume.

We do this by asking you a series of questions and use your answers to create your content. Your answers will be integrated with your keywords to create fully SEO ready content. You can even use the content for your Homepage and Product or Service page.

This SEO multi-content driven marketing strategy will help you rank for your keywords and start attracting your ideal clients.

We use your answers to create; Blogs, Social Media Posts, Emails, Quiz, eBooks, Webinars, Workshops, Press Releases, Online Courses, Advertising and your LinkedIn sales strategy.

These content assets enhance your SEO ranking and awareness. Making sure you are found more easily by your ideal clients. Found as they search for the solution to their problem.

Once your SEO traffic increases you can use your eBook, quiz, webinar and workshop lead magnets to convert them into interested email subscribers. Building a community of highly qualified sales leads.

Your email sequences will build trust, relationships and prove that you are an authority within your chosen field of expertise.

Once you build a community of interested email subscribers you can easily interact with them. Making it easier and faster to convert them into a steady and predictable flow of ideal buying clients.

multi-content marketing

You will be able to completely do this yourself. Without having to rely on expensive copywriters, editors and SEO agencies.

Follow our step by step guide to creating a multi-content asset map. Answer some questions and let us do the rest. Sit back and watch your rankings steadily improve and your sales increase.

You don’t need any specific training, you don’t have to be an SEO expert or a professional content creator. We provide a complete SEO content creation service that is perfect for you, even if you have no previous experience. 

We interview you with a set of questions. We use your answers to create your multi-content marketing strategy within this step-by-step process.

One common component of any SEO strategy is your content creation. Content requires so much time and effort. Especially when it comes to creating the right kind of content that attracts your ideal clients.

We help you build a fully SEO optimised multi-content driven marketing strategy. Making it possible to attract your ideal clients and convert them into sales. Discover the 22 x content assets that make this possible:

The Growth Funnel Journey eBook multi-content driven marketing strategy