A Done For You Multi-Content Driven Marketing Strategy
Saving you Time, Money and Effort


Welcome to the DIY membership level

It’s time to implement and start attracting ideal clients…

One of the most popular parts of the STARTING membership is having 16 x Content Assets created for you...and I understand why: This is where 50-80% of your profits will come from - The money truly is in the consistent delivery of multiple content assets! No matter what you're selling (courses, coaching, products, services...) it's safe to say the key to turning a "cold" audience into warm prospects and ideal buying clients is delivering valuable content on a consistent basis. But few business owners have a solid multi-content driven marketing strategy in place. And I get why: spending hours staring at a blank screen wondering what to write or talk about...trying to figure out how to format content that people actually consume and take action...there has to be a better way, right?
“Now You Can Stop Wasting Precious Time and Money on Over-hyped and Overpriced Products That Only Solve a Tiny Piece of the Marketing Puzzle For Good…”
Imagine if you could map out each and every step required for launching an effective multi-content driven marketing strategy – your message, lead magnets, blogs, social media posts, emails, product and service, courses, ads, YouTube video scripts, LinkedIn sales strategy – EVERYTHING – all on one simple membership level…
Well Now You Can!I have created a shorter version of the Growth Funnel Journey to make it easier to complete on your own. You still hand back your questionnaire and we provide you with:

  • 22 x Blogs

  • 122 x Social Media Posts

  • 61 x Email Templates

  • Free MailerLight Account

  • 62 x YouTube Templates

  • Free Hootsuite Account

  • 1 x Google Tag Manager for tracking and monitoring

  • 1 x Social Media Connection

  • 1 x LinkedIn Content Sales Strategy

  • 1 x Facebook Content Sales Strategy

  • 1 x YouTube Content Sales Strategy

  • 1 x Content Advertising Strategy

  • 1 x Lead Magnet - Quiz

  • 1 x Lead Magnet - Webinar

  • 1 x Opt-In Page

  • 1 x Landing Page

  • Live Webinar Training


Every Element Required To Launch An Awesome Marketing Campaign in One Simple Membership...

Most businesses are completely stuck in the past, using old outdated marketing methods. They are used to using “traditional” ways to generate leads.
That’s because they don’t fully understand or know how to implement what I’m about to show you. In marketing there is no silver bullet. One thing won't cause you to win... Instead every little thing adds up. And when you do all 22 of those little things, you'll beat your competition.
The ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ is the next revolution in search strategy and it’s all about aligning your content more closely with your ideal clients needs.
After completing the 'SEO Content Creation Map' and ‘SEO Content Creation Questionnaire’ you hand your answers back to our ‘Done For You Content Creation Framework’ team who will create all of your content.  Your content is then handed back to you in the ‘Master Content SEO Document’ which contains everything you will need to launch.
Consistent content-driven traffic is the most effective, dependable type of filtered traffic that you will ever get.
Want to succeed online and increase your sales?
It all starts with a pipeline of qualified leads...

22 x BLOGS

We use your answers from the 'SEO Content Creation Questionnaire' to build 22 different blogs. Allowing you to release a new blog each week. Each Blog attracts organic traffic from Google searches and promotes your product or service. Your blogs will prove that you are an authority and will help to build trust and relationships.



We use your answers from the 'SEO Content Creation Questionnaire' to build 122 different social media posts. Each post promotes your Blogs. This drives a steady flow of organic traffic into your website. The more ideal clients landing on your website, the greater your chances are of using your content to convert them into interested email subscribers.



We use your answers from the 'SEO Content Creation Questionnaire' to build 61 different emails. These emails will build relationships with your ideal clients. Each email is in context to your solution and promotes your product or service. These emails allow you to show up on a consistent basis so that you stay at top of mind when your ideal client is ready to make a purchase. Forget about MailChimp, instead we set you up with a FREE email automation system or show you how to use ActiveCampaign.



I show you how to get a Free MailerLite email account so you can avoid MailChimp. When you start out, this is all you need. Which means you can send out multiple emails for free and start generating sales. Once you are ready, you can upgrade to ActiveCampaign.



We use your answers from the 'SEO Content Creation Questionnaire' to generate 62 different YouTube video ad scripts. I show you how to record these scripts into a camera so you create optimised adverts. This turns your YouTube channel into a promotion machine. Sending organic search traffic into your blogs, lead magnets and product or service. These videos will be repurposed into Facebook, LinkedIn, Press Releases and your Blogs.



I show you how to get a Free Hootsuite account so you can schedule all of the 58 social media posts on autopilot. When you show up on your ideal clients social platforms on a consistent basis, your organic traffic will gain momentum. Freeing up your time to focus on generate more sales.



Now that you will be getting a steady stream of new traffic to your website, blogs and lead magnets, it is critical that all of your cookies and tracking codes are active and firing. This allows you to create retargeting and lookalike audiences for when you are ready to start advertising. The more traffic you get to your content the more targeted your ads can be. Which in turn lowers your advertising costs and increases your conversions.



It is important to have LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube fully optimised and ready for your posting activity. This means that they must all be congruent and have the exact same look, feel and messaging. I teach you how to do this so no matter what platform your ideal clients hang out on they will get the right message at the right time and see you as an authority within your chosen field of expertise.



I teach you a unique LinkedIn sales strategy. LinkedIn is not only the best social network for generating B2B leads, but it’s also growing fast. There are currently more than 610 million active users on LinkedIn, and 40% of those users are not just active, they’re daily users. With 92% of Fortune 500 companies having profiles on LinkedIn and key decision-makers making up 25% of its users, the chance of getting noticed by the right people is much higher there.



I teach you a unique Facebook sales strategy that takes advantage of your 16 x blogs, 58 x social posts and 47 x YouTube videos. This content strategy increases your awareness and gets you seen. The more people finding you on Facebook, the easier it is to attract a steady flow of ideal clients over to your content. Every person interacting with your Facebook page and website creates a retargeting and lookalike audience. Which helps you to master your Facebook advertising.



Now we take each of the 62 YouTube Videos and I show you how to upload them to your YouTube channel and optimise them for your Keywords and #Tags. This means you will start showing up as your ideal clients search on YouTube. Which in turn means you will get floods of organic traffic to your content that will convert into sales.



Now that you have your Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Tracking code, YouTube tracking code and your Google Analytics all working. Which means your organic traffic will help you build laser focused advertising audiences. When you start advertising, you will be able to achieve a much faster return on your investment. This unique strategy gets you found by all of your ideal clients and makes you an instant authority.



We use your answers from the 'SEO Content Creation Questionnaire' to create your Quiz. Your objective is to convert your website traffic into interested email subscribers. If your ideal client doesn't sign up for your eBook, we send them to your Quiz. Then we use your 16 x blogs, 58 x social media posts, 47 emails, 47 x YouTube videos, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to make sure they convert into a consistent flow of new sales.



We use your answers from the 'SEO Content Creation Questionnaire' to create your Webinar. Your objective is to convert your interested email subscribers into ideal buying clients. Then we use your 16 x blogs, 58 x social media posts, 47 emails, 47 x YouTube videos, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to make sure they register and attend your webinar. This is where you leverage your time, interact with your community and generate more sales on a consistent basis.



We use your answers from the 'SEO Content Creation Questionnaire' to create your website opt-in page. Everything up to this point has been about driving traffic to this page. This is where you convert cold traffic into interested email subscribers. Which makes this page incredibly important and needs to convert at the highest percentage. We provide you with a proven template that converts.



As soon as you convert your ideal client into an interested email subscriber you need to deliver your lead magnet and huge value. We provide you with a proven lead magnet delivery template that delivers your lead magnet and provides additional value. This page is the start of the purchasing decision journey which is why we provide the logical options to continue your ideal clients learning experience or making it easy for them to buy from you.



All of this is backed up with our live webinars where you can ask questions and watch other business owners get advice. When you watch what other business owners are doing with this system you will pick up great ideas and achieve amazing results. We will keep you accountable and make sure you succeed.


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If ANY Of These 22 x Content Assets Seem Worthwhile, Then I Invite You To Join The ‘Growth Funnel Journey’ Today…
I know that some business owners are probably thinking that maybe they don’t have the skills to do this. But I promise this multi-content driven marketing strategy was designed with small & medium business owners in mind.
I knew that this had to be accessible to regular non-techy and busy business owners who don’t have access to professional designers or massive advertising budgets. Just follow the simple step by step instructions and the results will follow!
Now, I know that anyone would expect to pay a lot of money for a unique strategy that generates 22 x content assets like this. It’s not difficult to find dozens of “other” options that will charge hundreds of pounds or more for just a fraction of what I’m offering here.
Yet, most business people with busy schedules will forget to complete these other lead generation programs “that just focus on 1 thing”. Doing that will cost them a small fortune in time, money and effort.
When it comes down to it, it isn’t even about “the money”. “It’s About Sustainability, Security, And Control Over The Lead-Gen Process And Overall Business Growth”…
And it’s almost impossible to put a price on that. Here’s the truth: While I certainly want to be paid for my hard work. I also want anyone who is committed to changing their business and improving their lead flow to be able to afford this.

“The Only Person You Can Trust To Take Care Of Your Business And Lead Generation Is You…

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