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SEO content writing tips

This blog covers Step 1 Attracting Your Ideal Client and is part 4 in a series of 8

Without knowing exactly who your ideal client is, you run the risk of attracting the wrong traffic, which in turn means the user will not find what they are searching for and click away. High bounce rates tell Google you are not a good fit for that particular search and your ranking will lower.

By performing the correct SEO research at this initial stage, this will allow you to use the right keywords and create the right concepts so that you start attracting your ideal audience.

Once you understand who you want to attract, the tools assist you to gain a deeper understanding of what keywords you need to use to attract them. Your keyword research is critical, we approach this at the very start of your journey to ensure your web pages and content will help you rank ahead of the competition. Once Google algorithms see you are attracting traffic and they are remaining on your website, you will start to rank higher.

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This is how you will generate a steady flow of new sales leads who can be converted into ideal buying clients. 

When you perform the right Ideal Client and Keyword Research, you will start the process of FREE organic search traffic to your site that converts into engagements and leads. This is the ultimate goal to achieve because paying for keyword advertising can be very expensive. 

Even though we can all pay for traffic it’s always a nicer feeling to get free traffic. If you are not experienced at using Google Adwords you can run the risk of wasting a lot of money on traffic that doesn’t necessarily convert. 

When you are starting out with your SEO, it can take up to 3 months to get traction from your content. This means it is cheaper to rank organically.  Once you see a pattern emerging of your highest ranking keywords, it will be more cost effective to start using these keywords in any advertising because you know that you can convert that traffic and get a return on your investment.

SEO content writing tips

Typically your homepage will be the most authoritative page on your site, and depending on the keyword concept you choose you may not even reach page one of the SERPs if you’re up against a large amount of competition.

Nevertheless, you need to optimise your homepage so you can try to gain as much high-quality traffic as possible.

The goal of your homepage is to inform your ideal client and also Google what the underlying theme of your site is and what type of product or service you’re offering.

You need to provide explanations to Google and your Ideal Client exactly what your product or service does. The easiest way to do this is to have an efficient SEO page structure that helps your ideal clients find what they need. It needs to answer the key questions your ideal clients will have and quickly prove that you are an authority within your chosen field of expertise.

This can only be done through a content mapping system. By including key components like optimised headings, optimised structure, easy navigation, and solution focused content, you can appeal to search engines and your ideal clients.

These are simple SEO content writing tips that generate result focused content. The competition for content is so fierce now, you need a way to stand out. How? By finding new ways to help your readers get faster results.


Our homepage templates include specific elements that create an SEO friendly format that positions you for success in the SERPs.

Our Homepage templates focus on the following areas; 

Logo / Brand:

You will need to input your logo to reinforce your brand identity.


You will have to include all of the major sections and pages of your site.

Incorporating keyword content:

We will focus on a small subset of keywords and keyphrases to make sure they tie into the theme of your site and brand in a natural way.


We will show you how to structure your pages with an effective header structure plus, use your targeted keywords in your headers in a natural way. We only use one H1 tag in each main section and then we use H2s, H3s and even H4s as needed in an effective hierarchy and logical flow.

Company product or service offer:

SEO content writing tips

You will have a section to explain the overview of your product or service offer. This needs to be crystal clear for your ideal clients. There should be absolutely no doubt in their mind as to what your solution is. 

eBook & Quiz Lead Magnet:

We make sure your eBook and Quiz lead magnets are on the top fold of your homepage and uses your keywords in the headings and description. This makes sure your ideal clients will download it when they first land on your website. Thus converting them into interested email subscribers.

Using visuals:

We make sure you use images in conjunction with small blocks of text to increase readability.


We encourage the use of video to help drive your USP and connect the dots for your ideal clients. Video encourages your ideal client to dwell for longer, this is why it is the king of content.

Offer social proof:

We show you where to position your social proof and credibility signals because they solidify your authority and deliver proof that you can be trusted.


We show you where to add in all of your internal links and backlinks to help with your SEO.

Is it still important to keep key content above the fold, your ideal client takes less than 30 seconds to make a decision on whether the content is right for them. Wow them above the fold.

We optimise the structure of your homepage to keep the page’s experience compelling to draw the eye down so that your ideal clients continue to scroll.

When it comes to your Ideal Client we have a series of videos and questionnaires that actually make it really easy to pinpoint your exact avatar. This is something that you can do on your own and as you go through the questions it will slowly become more obvious. Once you know who your ideal client is, you need to make sure you are always thinking of them. It can be easy to slowly forget and start making content that you are more familiar with, which can lead to no sales. Instead, everything you do must be focused around this one person’s needs and wants. You need to know their pain better than they do and you need to know the solution they are searching for. 

“I believe that in 2020, YouTube is going to be the place where business owners thrive most. Contrary to the over-saturated and expensive ad platform over at Facebook, YouTube video ads are relatively an untapped goldmine. Additionally, because it’s video, there is a much better ROI for business owners if they can create catchy, quality, engaging video content.”

Then it becomes so much easier to do your Keyword Research. We will show you what tools you can use to do this research with. These tools make it so much easier and faster to create a small list of your targeted keywords. Once you have this list, you are ready to move on and start creating the content for your homepage, product or service pages and your blogs.

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