Growth Funnel Journey – Starting


  • Craft a powerful “Marketing Message” frameworks to define the one problem your product or service will solve for your ideal clients and craft an irresistible offer that’s designed to stop them in their tracks instantly and compel them to take action!

  • Map out every part of your unique Customer Purchasing Decision Journey – this can become the core of not only your marketing and content but your entire business. This powerful system can be used to create a course, give a signature talk, write a book and even train your team – it’s all in there!
  • Create your entire advertising strategy – the same one we use to create scalable ad campaigns right off the bat each and every day, without all the confusing and time-consuming “day trading” strategies most gurus teach.
  • Quickly build out scripts for all the video content you’ll use to generate appointments, launch ad campaigns and sell your products – all using our proven “YouTube” script templates…


Use Our Content Creation Platform to Map Out Your Entire Marketing Strategy So You Can Launch With Confidence FAST!

Step 1 = Growth

We help you map out your ideal clients purchasing decision journey and use the questionnaire to create all of your content. Then we use Google, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to attract your ideal clients into your business so that you can convert them into ideal buying clients.

Step 2 = Funnel

Now that you are attracting your ideal clients into your website, we use your lead magnets to convert your traffic into interested email subscribers. This means you start building an email list of highly qualified sales leads who can be converted into even more ideal buying clients. We show you how to use Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to open up the flood gates and generate consistent sales.

Step 3 = Journey

To make sure you can generate consistent sales, we show you how to create additional content that helps you stay at top of mind when it comes to your ideal clients making a purchase. It’s all about being consistent with your content delivery so you build trust, strengthen relationships and prove you are an authority within your field of expertise. We also show you how to make the necessary iterations that increase your conversion percentages and generate a consistent flow of profitable sales.