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The Growth Funnel Journey is made up of 8 core pillar

This means your marketing needs to articulate the move from a cold prospects ‘Before’ pain state (Point A) to an ideal clients desired ‘After’ success state (Point B).

And because a Growth Sales Funnel is made up of a Journey, your prospect can learn at a pace that feels comfortable to them.

For that reason the Growth Funnel Journey is made up of 8 core pillars that are interconnected and critical to its overall success. Get any of these core pillars wrong and the whole sales funnel journey fails. Consequently you will need to make sure you really understand each pillar and its core purpose.


Your Product or Service needs to provide the perfect solution to your Ideal Clients SPECIFIC problem

If you are to grab a cold prospect’s attention enough to stop them while they are on Facebook, checking emails or searching for that next shiny object that’s going to promise them a quick fix solution, then your Growth Funnel Journey needs to be the perfect map and transport, taking them from their ‘PAIN’ state (Point A) to an ultimate end desired result ‘GAIN’ state (Point B).

Your cold prospect is searching for the ‘One Thing’ that will provide them with the clear and successful outcome that they need. If your Growth Funnel Journey resonates with their ‘One Thing’, then they will be happy to exchange their email address to learn more.

To help better understand this, you will need to discover what your prospects ‘One Thing’ is that will achieve their ultimate end desired result.

What specific ‘Pain’ is your prospect experiencing right now in their ‘Before’ state (Point A)?

What is your prospects ‘After’ state (Point B), what they are trying to achieve?

What specific ‘Gain’ will your prospect get from your one thing product or service and how will that ‘Gain’ get them closer to their end desired ‘After’ state result (Point B)?

What is causing your prospect to feel they are in this ‘Before’ state (Point A) and how is it affecting their business or life?

How is your prospect going to feel after purchasing your product or service and why is this their desired after state (Point B)?

What is your prospects normal ‘Before’ state (Point A) and what is their daily, weekly routine?

Once they have purchased your product or service – what is their new after state (Point B), what changes are happening now in their daily/ weekly routine?

Core Purpose

You show your cold prospect what they will GAIN, how they will FEEL and how achieving their ‘One Thing’ will completely transform and improve their busness or life. This will really capture their attention and engage them with your Growth Funnel Journey. You will resonate with their inner voice and provided them with a new map and transport that is helping them to get closer to their ultimate end desired result (Point B).


Connecting your product or service to your prospects ultimate end desired result (Point B)

If you can truly understand your prospect’s pain points and then resonate with them in such a way that they feel you understand their pain, it will be easier to position your product or service in such a way that it becomes a logical path for them to take, therefore solving their Pain (Point A) and getting them to a desired Gain state (Pont B).

To do this effectively you need to know exactly where your prospect is right now. What sort of life are they living or what sort of company are they working in. Either way their inner voice will be telling them (what is wrong and what needs fixing).

There must be something preventing them from taking that first step. Whether it’s their limiting beliefs, health, job security, financial budget or something else that is causing them to be in Pain (Point A) and you just need to discover what that is. What is the ‘One Thing’ that’s blocking them from achieving their end desired result (Point B)? What are they afraid of?

Before you can solve their pain state with your Growth Funnel Journey, you need to know what their end desired result is as well. So you can provide the perfect map and transport to take them to where they want to be (Point B). The closer you get to showing them that your one thing product or service is the perfect solution, the greater the chances are of them purchasing.

You need to know how the prospect feels once they solve their pain. What is that ‘One Thing’ your prospect wants more than anything else – what is it that they truly want or in fact need.

You need to understand their ‘End Desired Result’ and what they need to be able to obtain their end desired Gain state (Point B).

You also need to understand the WHY behind your product or service, then use it to solve their ‘One Thing’ pain state. The WHY is another point that will help attract your perfect prospect.

What conversation are they having within their deepest personal thoughts and how can your product or service enter that conversation with its WHY?

Now you give them exactly what they need – your Growth Funnel Journey – which takes them on a success journey from where they are now (Point A) – to where they want to be (Point B).

What is your product or service giving them to bridge the (Point A) to (Point B) gap?

What VALUE will your product or service provide them with in exchange for their time and money?

Core Purpose

The whole objective of this exercise is to make sure that your one thing product or service sells itself. Your Growth Funnel Journey becomes the only path they need to take to enable them to achieve their end desired Result (Point B). It then becomes the art of selling without selling.


The Law of Attraction Lead Magnet uses the theory that ‘like attracts like’.

What this means is whether we realise it or not, your prospects are responsible for bringing both positive and negative influences into their lives. Where they place their focus will have a direct impact on what happens to them. It is your job to get them to place their focus on your product or service. You can then guide them on a sales funnel journey that will bring a positive change to their life (Point B).

Hence, the ‘Law of Attraction Lead Magnet’ sits at the very beginning of the ‘Growth Funnel Journey’ and is used to attract your prospects. Consequently you need to create a ‘Lead Magnet’ that is specifically designed to attract your ideal client.

Now that you understand how your Growth Funnel Journey takes your cold prospects away from pain (Point A) and delivers them to gain (Point B), the lead magnet is the bait that will attract them into your sales funnel.

This is the very first transaction you will have with your cold prospect – almost like a digital handshake. You will be asking for their email address and in return providing value (i.e a Free Guide that helps them achieve their end desired result).

This lead magnet becomes your ‘Opt In’ guide and needs to be an irresistible offer resonating with their internal voice and showing them your best content, providing tremendous value and ultimately building a relationship that starts with trust.

You trust that they are the right prospect, and they trust that you are delivering a real product or service that will show them how to achieve their end desired result.

To live up to this trust you must deliver a compelling lead magnet and promise some kind of benefit or reward that has been designed especially with their ‘Pain State’ in mind.

Core Purpose

The lead magnet needs to start the journey towards building authority and trust.


Now that you have attracted a new prospect through your ‘Attraction Lead Magnet’ and they have provided you with their email, you need to invite them to join the Reciprocity Membership to learn more.

This is a free membership that introduces your prospects to the core focus subjects that they need to learn before moving forwards towards their ultimate end desired result (Point B).

This is where you take a cold prospect and turn them into a warm lead. If they do not move into the free reciprocity membership then you know that they are either the wrong prospect and you will need to get them to unsubscribe or they are interested but not yet ready to step out of their comfort pain zone. For these prospects, you will need to deliver content reminders and slowly educate them until they eventually move.

Once they join into the free ‘reciprocity membership’ you want them to see your face and for the first time make eye contact with you allowing them see your body language. Even though this is done by standing in front of a camera, it will still provide more trigger points for them, they can then decide whether or not they want to trust and embark on this new journey. After all, words are cheap and actions speak louder.

Your free ‘Reciprocity Membership’ is an irresistible offer that exists to convert prospects from cold traffic into warm leads. The goal of your free ‘Reciprocity Membership’ is to fundamentally build authority and increase trust. You must now make your prospects understand that your ‘Reciprocity Membership’ is not a shiny object but rather a community of like minded people all striving to achieve a similar end desired result.

The most important takeaway from these 4 stages is that the work done now causes a ripple effect. This ripple effect spreads throughout the whole Growth Funnel Journey. The success of your Growth Funnel Journey will be directly based on what is created within these 4 sections.

Core Purpose

If your messaging is correct, you will attract the perfect prospects. If your 4 stages convert those cold prospects into warm leads then your ‘growth funnel journey’ will be successful. This is your chance to give a good first impression, build authority and begin a journey with them that will last a long time.


Now that you have attracted a new prospect through your ‘Attraction Lead Magnet’ and converted them from a cold lead to a warm prospect through your free ‘Reciprocity Membership’, it’s finally time to talk directly with them via a live webinar.

This is an opportunity for them to ask any questions they may have.

Even at this 5th stage there is no selling involved. You are simply highlighting what they have already learnt within their free ‘Reciprocity Membership’, but with a twist.

You can use their feedback and interaction to help customise your Hybrid membership Generator (next level membership)

At this point your prospects can join a community of like minded people who are aiming to achieve similar end desired results (Point B).

By now your prospects are aware that you have a paid membership course, however this webinar series is not being used to promote it.

Instead you are creating a reciprocity ripple effect by constantly delivering the ‘What to do’ messaging and leaving out the most important section, the ‘How to get it done’.

The ‘what to do’ messaging delivers all of the features and benefits and highlights the steps needed to achieve their ‘One Thing’ and obtain their ultimate end desired result (Point B). But the most important content is missing, the ‘How To Get It Done’ actions.

Therefore, the only way they can move towards their ‘One Thing’ is to take action and join your paid membership.

Core Purpose

You have by now educated your warm prospects on all the features but more importantly gone into detail about the benefits within the membership. You have answered all their questions, shown testimonials and actual social proof and eliminated any concerns or doubts before they had a chance to sink in and cloud their decisions. Your prospects are now part of a like minded community and all they have left to do is focus on their ‘One Thing’ and enrol into your paid membership.


This is a membership powered system. It comprises of two or more traffic generators that convert into a single revenue output which then powers the whole ‘Growth Funnel Journey’.

Well in simple terms, this is your first paid membership programme, powered by a series of webinars that generate a high conversion rate. The revenue produced funds the whole ‘Growth Funnel Journey’ traffic source. The more revenue this hybrid system generates the more prospects enter into your sales funnel. Ultimately meaning that your ‘Growth Funnel Journey’ is self funded and constantly generating new prospects.

So while your email list consistently increases into the multi thousands, you can afford to shift your focus onto your two main memberships in which you will be spending all your time building and developing relationships with your tribe.

Core Purpose

To create a self funding revenue machine that consistently generates warm prospects into your growth funnel journey.


And before you say anything – Yes – Satisfice is a real word – it means to decide on and pursue a course of action that will satisfy the minimum requirements necessary to achieve a particular goal.

Now that doesn’t mean that a satisficer prospect will settle for mediocrity. Their minimum requirement criteria can be very high, but as soon as they find it – they’re satisfied.

This is exactly what the six previous stages of the ‘Growth Funnel Journey’ have been designed to do – to slowly create a mindset where your prospects understand that their minimum requirement criteria has been reached and it is time to take the first step towards achieving their ultimate end desired result (Point B). We now present them with their first Call-To-Action – to enrol into your 6 week live coaching membership programme.

In this membership programme you will provide a lot more interaction and include guest speakers. It is all about coaching and learning as a team and community. You make sure everyone is learning and reaching goals as they progress towards achieving their ‘One Thing’.

You need to spend more time on each core subject and generate measurable results. This is normally a 6-8 week course and only runs 3 times a year. You will use a college enrolment technique with a waiting list for those who miss out on the timeline or are not ready to commit.

Core Purpose

To deliver live coaching and build a tribe of successful members, ultimately achieving their One Thing thus eliminating Pain.


This is the final membership within our ‘Growth Funnel Journey’ and is a monthly subscription. It is all about sharpening the saw. You want to guarantee that your customers continue to achieve their ‘one thing’, to live a life of Gain and never fall back into their old Pain state (Point A).

You will offer your monthly membership to existing customers who are in or have completed your previous memberships.

The purpose of this monthly membership is to simply reiterate all the content they have learnt throughout the ‘Growth Funnel Journey’ but in a different format that still includes extra content.

Your monthly membership is all about sharpening the saw.

Sharpening the Saw means your customers will be preserving and enhancing the knowledge they have gained from your previous courses. Additionally gaining  a balancing program for self-renewal and meaningful social connections with others.

As they renew their knowledge in each of your key focal areas, they can continue to create growth and change in their life. Sharpening the Saw keeps them motivated so they can continue to practice their newly learnt habits.

Your members will continue to increase their capacity to produce and handle new challenges around them. Without this renewal process, they run the risk of not achieving their ultimate end desired result (Point B) and can easily fall back into old Pain habits Point A).

This is why monthly motivation is so important (Sharpening the saw)

Every month provides a new opportunity for renewal – a new opportunity to recharge instead of hitting a wall. Sharpening those new skills and dimensions that your prospects  now possess and ultimately makinging them stronger.

By ‘sharpening the saw’, your members will be on a ‘Growth Funnel Journey’ taking them from their pain (Point A) to their ultimate end desired result (Point B).

Core Purpose

People don’t just buy Membership courses! They buy into becoming a better version of themselves.

Buy purchasing your courses throughout your Growth Funnel Journey they will achieve that result.

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