Growth Funnel Journey

A Done For You Multi-Content Driven Marketing Strategy
Saving you Time, Money and Effort

This is a carefully curated collection of everything you need to write winning sales copy that resonates with your ideal clients and (More Importantly) drives sales & conversions. You get to leverage 20 x Done-For-You “Content Assets” to create high-converting sales copy even if you’ve never written a word of copy and you hate to type. Discover our proven Done-For-You “20 x Content Assets” that determine the exact pain points and benefits you’ll need to focus on in your copy. Deploy the 20 x Done-For-You “Content Assets” to quickly craft eye-catching, engaging, and highly-effective content from scratch. Discover the 3 most important steps to writing sales copy that hooks your ideal clients, drives them to take action, and converts them into ideal buying clients.

Deploy the 5 x Lead Magnets that act as “conversion triggers” and make it virtually impossible for your ideal clients to consume your content and not take action (AKA convert into interested email subscribers, click every link, and BUY your product or service). Learn how we get you writing more conversational copy because when you“write like you talk” you will have a dramatic increase in your overall sales and conversions.


“Use Our Content Creation Platform to Map Out Your Entire Marketing Strategy So You Can Launch With Confidence FAST!…”

Step 1 = Growth

We help you map out your ideal clients purchasing decision journey and use the questionnaire to create all of your content. Then we use Google, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to attract your ideal clients into your business so that you can convert them into ideal buying clients.

Step 2 = Funnel

Now that you are attracting your ideal clients into your website, we use your lead magnets to convert your traffic into interested email subscribers. This means you start building an email list of highly qualified sales leads who can be converted into even more ideal buying clients. We show you how to use Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to open up the flood gates and generate consistent sales.

Step 3 = Journey

To make sure you can generate consistent sales, we show you how to create additional content that helps you stay at top of mind when it comes to your ideal clients making a purchase. It's all about being consistent with your content delivery so you build trust, strengthen relationships and prove you are an authority within your field of expertise. We also show you how to make the necessary iterations that increase your conversion percentages and generate a consistent flow of profitable sales.

Saving you Time, Money and effort

We make sure you do not have to use expensive professional copywriters, bloggers & editors. Instead we save you money so you can spend it on advertising. We create your content which saves you time. Then we implement the delivery of your content, saving you the effort. We show you how to use LinkedIn to attract ideal clients into your business and make more sales.

This training will help you identify the one problem your prospects urgently need to solve right now and how to position your product or service as the only logical option for reaching their goals.


Quick overview…


These 22 x “Content Assets” will provide you with a simple and comfortable three step system for dealing with objections and enrolling more awesome clients…

  • 22 x Blogs

  • 122 x Social Media Posts

  • 61 x Email Templates

  • ActiveCampaign Email Autoresponder

  • 62 x YouTube Templates

  • ADVANCED = 1 x Social Scheduling Software

  • 1 x Google Tag Manager for tracking and monitoring

  • 1 x Social Media Connection

  • 1 x ADVANCED = LinkedIn Content Sales Strategy

  • 1 x ADVANCED = Facebook Content Sales Strategy

  • ADVANCED = 1 x YouTube Content Sales Strategy

  • NEW CONTENT ASSET = 1 x Press Release Series

  • ADVANCED = 1 x Content Advertising Strategy

  • 1 x Lead Magnet - eBook

  • NEW CONTENT ASSET = 1 x Lead Magnet - Quiz

  • 1 x Lead Magnet - Webinar

  • NEW CONTENT ASSET = 1 x Lead Magnet - Workshop

  • NEW CONTENT ASSET = 1 x Lead Magnet - 5 Day Challenge

  • NEW CONTENT ASSET = 5 x Opt-In Pages

  • NEW CONTENT ASSET = 5 x Landing Pages

  • Live Webinar Training

KNOWLEDGE is not always the hard part. The real challenge is the IMPLEMENTATION and ACCOUNTABILITY

Which is why we include the 3 C’S in all our programmes;


We all generally do so much better when we're doing things together. By being part of a community of like minded business owners, aiming for the same goals, we can share our successes and challenges. The private Facebook group and daily access to the Fresnel Evergreen team help to keep you motivated and supported during and after your programme.





When you have goals to achieve, there’s nothing like having someone with you who has been where you want to go, someone who can tell you the exact path that you need to take, someone who can really help accelerate your progress by telling you step by step exactly what you need to do. Everyone needs a coach, no matter how successful you are or what you’re trying to achieve.  Personal coaching is available with the Premium version of our training.



I have done years of research to bring you the latest cutting edge advice and resources on content creation and repurposing - all designed to support your success and provide the best advice out there.



Learn The Art Of Selling Without Selling

This is the ultimate "over the shoulder" experience - you get to watch me build and launch a six figure content strategy from scratch - all the content, funnel, email sequences, ads, landing pages - each and every step from zero to launch!


You’ll Also Get Instant Access To My Bonuses For Your Blogs, Social Media Posts and LinkedIn Articles

How to get your Blogs uploaded for you!

Once we hand back your Blogs you will need to upload them into your website. This can take many hours. Which is why we offer this as a BONUS service. Gain access to your exclusive Website discount voucher.



How to get your Social Media Posts uploaded for you!

Once we hand back your Social Media Posts you will need to upload them into Hootsuite. This can take many hours. Which is why we offer this as a BONUS service. Gain access to your exclusive Social Media discount voucher.

How to get your LinkedIn Articles uploaded for you!

Once we hand back your Blogs you will need to upload them into LinkedIn. This can take many hours. Which is why we offer this as a BONUS service. Gain access to your exclusive LinkedIn discount voucher.


The Growth Funnel Journey Course Is For You If:

  • Craft a powerful "Marketing Message" frameworks to define the one problem your product or service will solve for your ideal clients and craft an irresistible offer that's designed to stop them in their tracks instantly and compel them to take action!

  • Map out every part of your unique Customer Purchasing Decision Journey - this can become the core of not only your marketing and content, but your entire business. This powerful system can be used to create a course, give a signature talk, write a book and even train your team - it's all in there!

  • Create your entire advertising strategy - the same one we use to create scalable ad campaigns right off the bat each and every day, without all the confusing and time-consuming "day trading" strategies most gurus teach.

  • Quickly build out scripts for all the video content you'll use to generate appointments, launch ad campaigns and sell your products - all using our proven "YouTube" script templates...

  • Let’s face it—You’re busy and time is scarce. Fortunately, with these 20 x content assets we’re distilling all the tasty little tidbits you actually need to speed consumption, implementation, and profits. For example, you would normally have to invest roughly 337 hours of time digging through Certification & Mastery Courses, Execution Plans, event keynotes, AND other resources to find the nuggets of gold included in this multi-content asset pack (which, by the way should take you just a few of hours to consume).

  • If you're thinking "£1200 is cheap...what's the catch?" then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease: £1200 puts this information within the reach of everyone...from solo entrepreneurs to startups and even Fortune 500. (And at £1200, you shouldn't have to get approval or fill out a purchase order.) 😉 It weeds out the freebie-seekers. We only want serious business owners and marketers who take action, and in our experience charging anything...even if it's just a pound... gets rid of 99% of the tire kickers. We tested it, and £1200 generated the best overall ROI. (Hey, we're all marketers here so why not tell it like it is?) We also believe that once you experience these 20 x content assets, you'll want more and maybe...just'll come back, buy more and possibly even upgrade to a direct 1 to 1 client where you get access to my private time and experience, and more... But that's it... No fine "hidden trials" shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.

There’s absolutely no risk here.
There’s a small chance that you’ve never dealt with me or my company before. So you may not be aware of my amazing support desk and customer care policies. If that’s the case, let me set your mind at ease. You are covered by our 100% no questions asked money back guarantee. So if this is not one of the best investments you’ve ever made… well… then I will happily refund it for you within our guarantee.
That’s it.
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