22 Content Marketing Assets That’ll Skyrocket Your Search

22 Content Marketing Assets That’ll Skyrocket Your Search

This blog covers Step 1 Attracting Your Ideal Client and is part 2 in a series of 8.

Thanks to our ‘SEO content creation MAP’ and ‘SEO content creation questionnaire’ you can now create content on a large scale to meet your SEO objectives while using far less of your precious time, money and effort.

Forget about expensive SEO website content writers who create generic content for your website. Instead, we will use your knowledge to create personalised highly optimised content that describes your message, your branding, and your individual products or services. You will be able to create your own unique social posts, blogs, quizzes, eBooks and SEO optimised web pages that will appeal to your ideal clients and drive them towards conversion.

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Our unique content mapping and interview service turns you into a professional website content writer and SEO expert. Your content will be optimised for search engines and your ideal clients at the same time.

We understand that quality really matters, but so does optimization. So we use a ‘Done For You’ SEO content creation service that strikes the perfect balance.

22 Content Marketing Assets That’ll Skyrocket Your Search

When it comes to SEO content that attracts your ideal clients, you want to ensure that when they are searching for a solution to a specific problem, your website pages, LinkedIn profile, blogs, quizzes, press releases, YouTube videos and eBook turn up in their search results, preferably on page 1.

You need to know exactly who your Ideal Client is and what problem they are currently facing. You will need to provide the perfect solution to their problem via your product or service content. Your Ideal Client will be loyal to your company, frequently use or buy your products or services, and more likely become a brand ambassador who will recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

The answer is simple – you need to embrace a multi-content driven marketing strategy.


It is critical to be specific, sales is a numbers game and conversion game, which means you need to increase the number of ideal clients being attracted into your company website. The more you leverage your time and get your product or service messaging in front of your ideal clients, the easier it becomes to convert those sales leads into ideal buying clients.

The easiest way to attract your ideal clients into your business is with organic search. Your SEO multi-content driven marketing strategy is an essential part of your business.

Your content along with the structure of your pages will help convert your cold traffic into interested email subscribers, and then into highly qualified sales leads who can then be converted into ideal buying clients.

22 Content Marketing Assets That’ll Skyrocket Your Search

If you can describe your ideal client’s pain state or current problem better than they can, they will automatically and unconsciously credit you with knowing the solution. When you know exactly who to attract with your SEO strategy, your website pages and content will be fully SEO optimised, you will be able to attract more ideal clients and convert them at a much higher percentage.

Which is why keyword research and competition analysis is essential to the foundation of your SEO content strategy.

When your ideal client is searching they will use certain words to find a solution to their issue. This means we need to find out what these issues are. 

These 22 multi-content assets are compelling and useful to people interacting with your brand for the first time.


Your ideal client will perform searches in many ways, using typed queries but also by 2020 the most popular method of search will be voice. Voice search is different to typed keyword search as your ideal client will be asking questions and queries instead of typing keywords. It is critical that we ensure your content includes voice search queries that deliver the solution they are looking for. Voice searches help to attract even more ideal clients into your web content.

Voice search optimization requires different techniques to ensure you are visible. Both voice and keyword optimization require content, to ensure complete visibility. 

It is critical to focus your attention on your homepage, product/service pages and your blog posts. These are where the majority of your ideal clients will land, if they do not find what they are looking for, they will click away as soon as they land which creates a negative impact on your overall SEO ranking.

If your ideal client clicks away from your content in a short time period this will higher your bounce rate and lower your SEO ranking.

Your content plays a significant role in your SEO ranking, consistent delivery of content will help you get found more easily and increase your traffic to your website. The more traffic you generate, the more sales you will make.

We know that content creation is a challenge for any business owner, especially creating consistent social posts and blogs or 5 x different lead magnets.

Which is why we take this burden away from you. We do this by using a specific ‘SEO Content Creation Map’ that helps us to structure your content in such a way that it influences your ideal clients purchasing decisions. Then we interview you with our ‘SEO Content Creation Questionnaire’ and use your answers to create all of your content.

This SEO strategic focused content is placed within your website and social platforms. Which means you can instantly have a fully SEO Homepage. product or service page and blog page that all help to build trust, develop authority and strengthen relationships.

Your answers also create an eBook, webinar, quiz, workshop and 5 day challenge that helps to optimise the conversion of your new traffic into interested email subscribers.

This unique combination of lead magnets will ensure you stay ahead of your competition, gain ideal client engagement, and generate a consistent flow of highly qualified sales leads who can be converted into ideal buying clients.

22 Content Marketing Assets That’ll Skyrocket Your Search

We start with your ‘Ideal Client Avatar’ (ICA), which is the exact type of client you want to work with. Do you know what makes them who they are? What their core values are? What problem they have? What solution are they searching for?

We use a set of questions to work out what issues your ideal client has and what solutions they are searching for, all of your content will be tailor made to attract your ideal client and how you can add value.

SEO research underpins your whole SEO strategy. Without research, your web pages and content will be meaningless. Your ideal client will struggle to locate you and understand what you do.

The SEO research forms many parts including keyword optimisation, it is no longer a case of stuffing your content with words you think your ideal client will use. 

It is about the research and examination that is performed before to ensure your clients find you easily and without effort. 

Once you know your ideal client, you know what makes them who they are, their interests, their core values, what their issues are and the solutions they are searching for.

We then need to identify the terms and queries they will use to find YOUR solution.

We help you build a fully SEO optimised multi-content driven marketing strategy. Making it possible to attract your ideal clients and convert them into sales. Discover the 22 x content assets that make this possible:

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